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Complaints procedure

Goals of the procedure

At Interlet, we value all complaints as they assist us to improve our services and customer service.

This procedure has been designed to assist all individuals and organisations who are affected by Interlet’s activities. Interlet are committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all parties making a complaint equally.

By implementing this approach, we shall ensure that as far as is reasonably practicable, complaints will be dealt with to the satisfaction of all parties.

Definition of a complaint

Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made in writing or in person to a representative of Interlet or Interlet subcontractor by an external individual or organisation in relation to our business activities.

Recording complaints

All verbal or written complaints will be recorded in the complaints log at the time the complaint is made, or as soon as possible afterwards.

When recording a complaint, staff will record the name and contact details of the person, as well as full details of the complaint including the date. Details of all communication with the complainant and any actions to resolve the complaint will be recorded in the same place.

Recorded complaints will be monitored by management, for the purpose of identifying any trends and to improve our products and services.

The details of the individual or organisation making the complaint and details of their complaint will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Responding to complaints

We strive to resolve all complaints within an appropriate timeframe. Written complaints will be acknowledged promptly.

Individuals or organisations making a complaint will be given an approximate timeframe at the time they make their complaint and will be regularly informed of the progress of their complaint, especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, they will also be given a contact person and details of our complaint handling process.

Escalation of complaints

If a complaint cannot be resolved by the usual complaint process, or the individual or organisation making the complaint is dissatisfied with the immediate response, the matter shall be escalated to the Accountable Director, who will investigate the complaint, decide what formal action is to be taken and report back to the customer or other interested party on what action is to be taken and how long this will take.

If we cannot resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the individual or organisation making that complaint, we will inform them about where they can take further action (e.g. Ombudsman)

Review of complaint handling policy and procedures

Interlet are committed to continuous improvement and this procedure will be reviewed regularly to ensure its continued effectiveness.

This external complaints procedure is supported by management. We commit to providing this procedure to all staff and displaying it online and on construction site noticeboards business for all interested parties.